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No matter where you go. You will always find scams and frauds.best solution to avoiding scams

To avoid this situation follow some tips given below:

  1. Only deal with the people within your area. The best solution to avoiding scams is to deal locally. It’s easy to meet people who live near you. Scammers often contact you from abroad or other cities and will ask you to ship items to them. Don’t deliver your item unless you receive your payment or find a suitable courier service who can collect payment on your behalf while delivering the item.
  2. Don’t Transfer Money using (WU, Money gram, etc…..) If the buyer asks you to wire the money! YOU ARE TALKING TO A SCAMMER.
  3. Beware of fake cashier’s check and money order. Scammers may send you a fake cashier’s check valued above your asking price. They will then ask you to transfer the extra amount to their account. So be Aware! Do Not accept any money above your asking price.
  4. Beware of Identity theft: Don’t share any private information with the scammers, keep your conversation professional and to the point. Don’t give out bank account numbers, passwords, family names, date of birth and especially your credit card or social security numbers.  Do not deal on relay calls that may be a scammer pretending to be deaf. Try to deal locally and with the people you can meet in person.
  5. Avoid Deals that are too good to be true. Scammers often post fake ads, selling items that are significantly under priced. If you encounter any of these fake ads, report them by clicking “Flag abuse or Spam” in the ad.


We’ve done our best to help you meet your required prospect. The Best Up digital services is not responsible for any situation that deals with scams or fraudulent activities.

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